Use Case & Potential Markets

Potential Markets

We are still continuously researching Dynamic NFTs. There is a huge potential which likely takes many months or even years to be fully discovered. With our initial research we came up with 3 major potential markets for Dynamic NFTs:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    REAL WORLD EVENTS (ticketing)
  3. 3.

1. Gaming

With Gaming, there are many opportunities to integrate Dynamic NFTs and create fully on-chain games. For example Dynamic NFTs could display the condition of your skin / item. The more you use it, the more it deteriorates. Additionally, Dynamic NFTs allow us to create interrelated NFTs, which means that there will be a relation between multiple NFTs.
Here are two examples in gaming:

Fantasy Sports

If you don't know what fantasy sports is check it our on Wikipedia.
With Dynamic NFTs we can create Dynamic "Player" NFTs that together make a "Team". The stats of a player can be adjusted over time and players can evolve. All player NFTs of a team are interrelated to each other making the entire game logic run on-chain.
We can also integrate other mechanics to a fantasy sports ecosystem, for example fractionalized team ownership, tournaments and training-centres.
These basic concepts apply to all kinds of Fantasy Games ranging from sports like Football & Basketball to fight-sports and even e-sports.


Role Playing Games are a perfect fit for Dynamic NFTs because they rely on mechanics like character upgradability, a gaming item economy and environment interactions within the ecosystem.
Characters are Dynamic NFTs evolving over time as new items and weapons are discovered and crafted while interacting in the RPG world.
We are working to create a special purpose platform for a in-game item economies based on NFTs) and upgrades for them. We are also planning to develop item rentals and loans between players.

2. Real World Events

Useable NFT tickets for all types of events
The power of NFT-ticketing lies in it's ability to engineer desired attendee-behaviour. This is done by rewarding user-participation and engagement. This is what we could compare with reward points, discounts etc. A user receives an NFT that is able to collect credit when the user participates in a certain way. Credits can then be redeemed for physical items and discounts.
Types of events:
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Trade Shows
  • Workshops
  • Sport events
  • Music Festivals\
Also a ticket to a sporting event can be an NFT. If you add our features, this will enable the issuer to update the ticket even if the event is postponed.

3. Merchandising

With Merchandising we mean utilising Dynamic NFTs as a way to engage shoppers in a way like old-school loyalty points tried to do.
We can use them as a way for brand to reward local customers or use Dynamic NFTs to redefine and improve the relationship of a Celebrity/Influencer with their audience.