Business Model

Our Web3 incubator will help new creators and teams as well as established brands, launch NFTs, SaaS Apps, Games and more with our DynamicNFT technology through personalised support with strategy, design, implementation and marketing. Dynamic Labs is also focusing in Research and Development of this technology. Through investments and case studies we aim to discover the full potential of Dynamic NFTs.
Holding an OceanGuardian makes you eligible to receive a profit-share of the revenues created by Dynamic Labs. These returns for holders will be distributed via our gamified NFT ecosystem.
Our vision is to drive innovation and user-adoption within the Solana ecosystem. To support our mission and drive new applications, we’ll be introducing an Ambassador program and reward people who bring clients to us. We’ll be vetting projects for strong, open minded teams with the ability to execute on their vision before being accepted.

Who we are looking for?

Projects trying to innovate and build cool products in the following spaces:
  • P2E Games
  • Crypto Gambling
  • Event Engineering (Sports)
  • Merchandising for Celebrities and Brands
  • more...
Here you can learn more about the use-cases and potential markets of Dynamic NFTs.