What is OceanGuardians?

The OceanGuardian venture is divided into the Ocean Guardians NFT project and Dynamic Labs.
OceanGuardians is a next-gen NFT collection of 2,222 unique Surfers designed around the Dynamic NFT technology. We are building a gamified NFT ecosystem using the power of Dynamic NFTs to design mechanics around evolving/upgrading our surfers creating demand and real utility for our token.
Our Ecosystem will serve as a Proof of Concept for our Dynamic NFT Technology
Dynamic Labs is a Web3 Technology Company building infrastructure and tools for Dynamic NFTs and incubating projects with a vision around Dynamic NFTs. A proportion of revenues generated from our services will be distributed to OceanGuardian Holders.
This will enable us to provide our community with a sustainable profit-share from our Web3 Company while driving innovation and user-adoption in the Solana ecosystem.
Last modified 3mo ago
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